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Important Legislative Issue – Action Needed

Take Action for Equal Pay!

Big news! The Louisiana House Labor and Industrial Relations Committee is expected to hold a hearing on equal pay bill SB 254 this Thursday, May 19. Thanks to your advocacy, the bill has already passed the Senate — but we need to make sure our Representatives vote in support and move us closer to the finish line.

Click here now to contact members of the House Labor Committee in support of SB 254!

In 2014, women in Louisiana working full time, year-round were paid just 65 percent of Louisiana men’s median earnings, placing us dead last among all states in Gender Earning Ratio rankings.

Passing SB 254 would help to close the gender pay gap by expanding the protections of equal pay laws to cover ALL Louisiana workers, not just public employees. SB 254 provides that the Louisiana Equal Pay Act be applicable to men and private employers, and requires government contractors to verify equal pay practices.

It just takes two minutes to act in support of equal pay. Take action now and help to ensure stronger equal pay protections in our state!


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