AAUW Louisiana Education & Research

AAUW Louisiana supports education and research at our Louisiana colleges and universities.

AAUW Louisiana Endowments:

Endowments are permanent funds with the requirement that the principal is never spent. The balance in these funds is invested, earning income that is then spent to support charitable works in perpetuity.

AAUW Louisiana has completed  “Women of Louisiana – fund # 4253”.

Other Louisiana Endowments (completed):

Yes, you may still donate to completed endowments!

AAUW Louisiana has established several other AAUW endowments to fund “research and projects” or “international fellowship” each named to honor an outstanding state member. An endowment requires that the principal remain intact in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

  • “International Fellowship Fund LA #1146” was established by the Lafayette branch in 1972-73 in the name of Mary E. Dichmann
  • “Research and Projects Fund LA # 1247 – Hait, Bolivar Lee” was named for a Lafayette member, Bolivar Lee Hait; established in 1980-81 by Lafayette branch.
  • “Research and Projects Fund LA # 1619 – Phelps, Auril W.” was established in 1986-87 at the state level and named for Auril W. Phelps, a former state president and a member of the Covington-Mandeville branch.
  • “Women of Louisiana – fund # 4253” which is a Research and Projects Endowment named to honor all women of Louisiana.

AAUW Louisiana Campus Action Project (CAP) Grants:

Campus Action Projects enable student leaders and campus faculty to design and implement effective programs that enhance campus offerings, promote leadership, and improve academic and career outcomes.

AAUW Louisiana strongly encourages ALL of our colleges to apply for AAUW Campus Action Project grants. LSU has successfully applied for and completed several AAUW CAP projects.

LSU Campus Action Project Grant Awards:

Campus Action Project 2008-2009:
“Where the Girls Are: Promoting Equity for All Women and Girls”

LSU CAP project, “WE>START”, closing reception

Campus Action Project: The LSU Women’s Center was awarded a grant from the national office of AAUW as part of the 2008–09 Campus Action Project (CAP) titled “Where the Girls Are: Promoting Equity for All Women and Girls.” The LSU project named “WE>START” worked with single mothers from old South Baton Rouge who are interested in going back to college.

Mary Linda Francis acted as the liaison between LSU, the Baton Rouge branch and state organizations.

LSU’s “WE>START” team is featured on the AAUW national web site.

Visit the AAUW national web site for information about AAUW’s nation-wide project: “Where The Girls Are”.

Campus Action Project 2005:
“Project STOP (Student Team for Outreach and Prevention): An Anti-Harassment Coalition”

LSU Won AAUW Grant related to the research on sexual harassment. AAUW developed a program of small grants to campus groups, “Building a Harassment-Free Campus”. One of these $5000 grants went to the Women’s Center at LSU who administered a survey to assess their campus climate and gather information on student experiences with sexual harassment. There was also a follow-up project at LSU – training for staff and students about what constitutes harassment.