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AAUW continues to explore networking opportunities for women around the nation and the world in person and also online. Conferences, workshops, presentations, forums and seminars are going beyond the physical, real world via the Internet. As a result, AAUW is exploring how it can best use blogs, webinars, social networking sites, and global virtual reality to improve communication. AAUW also quickly broadcasts news using several Internet tools including: email, Twitter, RSS and Facebook.

AAUW Louisiana On Facebook

AAUW Louisiana is reaching out to those who share our AAUW mission and our state’s college students via Facebook. Why Facebook? It is popular, easy to use and fun. But more importantly, it offers powerful communication tools such as: broadcasting news, advertising events, open discussions, sharing photos, links, videos and more.

Louisiana Colleges and Universities on Facebook:

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AAUW in SecondLife

AAUW SL Office

The following link will open the SecondLife software &
bring your avatar to the AAUW office SLUR

Visit the AAUW Office in SecondLife

Inside AAUW SL Office

AAUW is exploring SecondLife as a virtual outreach with potentials for having virtual meetings, presentations, and workshops without physical limitations and travel costs.

2008 AAUW College Fair Display in SecondLife created by Louisiana member, Jean Lotz

AAUW Louisiana member, Jean Lotz, was an early AAUW SecondLife explorer researching the potential of this 3-D simulation program for AAUW’s uses. Jean set up AAUW displays, created t-shirts, and started to generate interested for AAUW in SecondLife. Since then, AAUW has embraced this communication platform. Christy Jones has worked with her national office resources to set up the AAUW SecondLife office. AAUW designed an elegant environment which provides timely information and will provide meeting areas, and stand as the AAUW base of operations in SecondLife.

About SecondLife

Membership into SecondLife can be accessed by anyone freely if they have a robust computer with a broadband connection to the Internet. There is an adult area (grid) and a limited, protected teen grid.

Although many join SecondLife just for fun, businesses, organizations and schools have learned it is an effective communication environment. SecondLife is very accessible for people to meet in this virtual way free from physical distances. Handicapped people are especially thankful since their avatars are generally free from their physical limitations.

People interact in SecondLife in the guise of avatars, or 3-D cartoons, which can be realistic humanoid figures to bazare creatures or animals. Avatars can talk to each other via voice or text. Avatars can travel all over the simulation (SIM) by walking, swimming, flying or teleporting.

Louisiana colleges in SecondLife

Louisiana has joined the many colleges using SecondLife for online classes, meetings and advertisement. Some of our LA colleges in SecondLife are: UNO, Tulane, Southeastern, Southern New Orleans, and ULM.